ePay Gives Back

ePay Gives Back
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ePay Management is currently running a promotion along-side Century Payments and the ASPCA. $25.00 and 3% of processing profits are being donated to the ASPCA for each merchant who joins the "Every Swipe Counts" program through August 2, 2013, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $300,000.

Since 1866, the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has been tirelessly fighting to put an end to animal cruelty. From education and care to adoption and rescue, the ASPCA is making a dafference for animals all across America.

At ePay Management we are aware of the effects of our actions and choose to use our resources to benefit social and environmental efforts. It is all a part of the "ePay Gives Back" program.

In almost all cases we are able to offer a considerable savings to merchants in regards to their payment processing costs. Why not allow us to perform an apples-to-apples cost analysis on your existing merchant account? It's absolutely FREE and we are confident you will find our level of customer service to be exemplary.

Call us today at 1-877-493-EPAY to take advantage of the "ePay Difference" and help us give back to the community.

Every Swipe Counts

In today's challenging economy, we are all faced with some tough realities. Business owners have to juggle shrinking margins and ever-increasing costs of doing business. While studies show that consumers want to support businesses that are involved with a cause, where does the extra money come from?

ASPCA Every Swipe Counts


The Every Swipe Counts program is the perfect solution. The program allows you to use your payment processing service to help the ASPCA, but with no additional costs or hidden fees.