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  • Partnership Opportunities.

    Unmatched service and support along with innovative technology and unique product offerings make ePay Management the intelligent choice for experienced, ethical agents dedicated to succeeding in the electronic payments processing industry. We have the tools and resources necessary for you to reach your goals in this highly competitive yet rewarding industry. We take your success very seriously and make every effort to ensure our sales partners have an edge over the competition.

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  • Merchant Solutions.

    ePay Management is a premiere provider of electronic transaction processing services and payment processing technologies. Through our in-depth industry knowledge, partnership strategy and innovative processing solutions, ePay Management provides a specialized approach to providing electronic payment processing solutions for many vertical markets such as retail, restaurant, hospitality, mobile, e-Commerce, catalog, municipalities, petroleum and supermarkets.

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  • Referral Partners.

    ePay Management referral partners are able to expand their product offering and provide their merchant customers and members with industry-leading payment processing solutions while enjoying generous donations and rebates. Our referral partnerships include associations (national, regional and state), consortiums, not-for-profit organizations, buying groups, management consultants, software developers, software vendors, value-added resellers, manufacturers and distributors.

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Doing Our Part to Make A Difference

Building charitable programs and making environmentally conscious decisions.

ePay Management subscribes to a Triple Bottom Line model of success. We aim to provide positive value in the domain of People, Planet and Profit.

At ePay Management we are aware of the effects of our actions and choose to use our resources to benefit social and environmental programs.

Examples of our efforts include; Automatic charitable contributions in the form of revenue sharing from participating merchants and the use of recycled plastic gift and rewards cards for our stored-value programs.

Furthermore we encourage our alliance partners to become socially responsible by adopting more beneficial social or environmental practices.

Please click through for more information about the "ePay Gives Back" program.

Latest news

  • November 20, 2017

    Why Isn't Chase Pay Taking Off? It wasn’t so long ago that JP Morgan Chase joined the mobile payments hunt with its Chase Pay system.
  • October 3, 2017

    Whole Foods Becomes One of the Latest Major Card Breach Victims Card breaches are, increasingly, a way of life in the mobile payments circuit.
  • September 6, 2017

    Website Steered U.S. Borrowers into Bad, Illegal Payday Loans -
    The U.S. agency charged with protecting consumers from financial abuse took on a little-understood area of payday lending.
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