Our success is a direct result of the success of our sales and referral partners. It is in our best interest to provide the highest level of support possible, ensuring that our partners have the knowledge, the tools and confidence necessary to give them a decisive advantage over the competition.

Competitive rates and fees, quality product and great customer service make up the backbone of being a succesful salesperson in the electronic payment processing industry. What allows our sales and referral partners to stand out above the rest is an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the related services we offer, being able to identify an individual merchant's needs and, most importantly, believing in the company and the product they represent.

Sales Partner Opportunities

Our sales partners are the life-blood of our business. Contracted agents enjoy liberal residual splits with considerable merchant retention ratios due to competitive merchant rate structures and unparalleled customer support. If you have experience in the bankcard industry and are serious about launching or enhancing a successful career in sales we would be interested in speaking with you in regards to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Referral Partner Opportunities

Our referral partners can offer their members, contacts and customers the value of wholesale pricing normally unavailable to them due to their individual lower monthly volume. We offer transparent cost plus pricing and will reduce your customers processing costs regardless of type or size. We can customize a donation, rebate or residual compensation plan to meet your financial needs. Referral partner candidates range from individual professionals and consultants who wish to supplement their existing career with referral income to trade associations who earn rebates while providing their members with low cost, high quality service and to product & service vendors who like to offer our programs as a value-add service to their existing product.

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We are confident that the "ePay Difference" will make you a better sales person, that you will find our methods and flexibilty refreshing and that you will use our experience and expertise as a spring board to a more successful career.

Still not convinced? Takes us for a test drive. Send us a few deals and let us prove to you that our sales and referral partners have a distinct advantage over the competition.


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Partnership Benefits

  1. Target Marketing Programs.
    Refining your sales efforts to specific markets can be very rewarding. Marketing wireless credit card processing to plumbers and HVAC businesses in your area is a good example. We can supply you with the tools necessary to succeed. Lead sheets, marketing scripts, postcards and product tear-sheet templates are just a few of the products we provide to improve the results of your efforts. Likewise, we assist our association partners with the marketing efforts to their members.
  2. Training and Support Dashboard
    Our Partner Training and Support Dashboard is an invaluable resource available 24 hours a day. All pertinent paperwork and program documentation is available for download as well as access to detailed sales exercises and live training classes.
  3. National Sales Options
    Think you can't compete with the big boys? How does quoting Fortune 500 and National Sales Chains a meer basis point or pennies over Interchange and still collecting a residual sound? Our National sales access opens doors that most ISO's find locked up tight.
  4. Proven Merchant Retention Methods.
    The value of low merchant attrition is overwhelming. Why go through all the hard work of inking merchants to contracts only to have them leave for a competitor just a few short months down the road. Our merchant retention percentages are amoungst the best in the industry, without long term contracts and ridiculous early termination fees.
  5. Generous Revenue Sharing
    Our agents own their portfolio residual giving them the option of lifetime monthly residual payments or accepting frequently proposed residual buy-back opportunities. We share on all processing revenue streams for the lifetime of your accounts while passing through equipment, software and gateway costs. ePay Management frequently runs incentive-based sales contests to reward top performers.
  6. Statement Analysis
    Statement analysis makes it difficult for your potential customers to say "no". We perform true apples-to-apples cost comparisons on your potential customers actual processing statements. If you can't close a customer armed with undeniable proof of savings, you need to find another line of work.
  7. Flexibility In Pricing
    ePay Management Sales Partners enjoy unique pricing schedules which allow them to price their contracts in basically any way they choose. Our agents can quote "Tiered rates" or "Interchange-plus". Want to make a few extra pennies on a high transaction volume merchant? Go ahead. How about clearing an extra basis point or two on a high-ticket customer? No problem. We are that flexible. Conversely, in today's competitive market shaving a few points or pennies off of a mid or non-qualifed rate can make all the difference. You will close more deals with the abilty to accomodate virtually every pricing scenario.